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Effective Medication Reminder Tips for Seniors


Most seniors have several prescribed medications they need to take a few times daily. Taking these medications according to the prescription is crucial to ensure their efficacy and avoid health complications. As with most Senior Living Residences,we carefully check the needed medicines of our residents to assist them in medication reminders and administration.

For seniors who are practicing Independent Living at home or in a care facility, here are some tips that can help remind you when it is time to take your medication:

  • Medicine Boxes

    Medicine boxes divided into days of the week can effectively remind you to take daily medications. As a provider of Assisted Living in Massachusetts, our caregivers prepare our residents’ daily or weekly medications to ensure adherence to their prescriptions.

  • Smartphone Alarm Clock or Apps

    If the senior has a smartphone, a caregiver or loved one can set the alarms or download an app that reminds the senior when it is time to take their medication. That is effective, especially for those practicing Independent Senior Living in Dracut, Massachusetts.

At Giving Tree Senior Living, our personal care services include medication management. Properly taking their medication helps seniors recover and maintain good health as they stay with us. Aside from assisted living, we also provide Memory Care in Dracut, Massachusetts.

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