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How Memory Care Activities Help Your Aging Loved Ones


Your loved one’s cognitive functions are only one among many of the changes they undergo because of aging. As much as possible, we want to help them stay mentally sharp to stave away cognitive-related symptoms, like forgetfulness, poor decision-making, and confusion.

Our dementia care experts have listed some memory care activities and how they can help your loved ones:

  • Playing puzzles and board games

    Stimulating your loved one’s mind through puzzles and board games is one of the most effective memory care activities. Games like chess and Scrabble improve your loved one’s cognitive capacity and social engagement.

  • Gardening

    Gardening soothes the mind while introducing repetition, structure, and independence. Gardening also offers aromatherapy that can boost your loved one’s mood, energy, and appetite.

  • Listening to music

    Music doesn’t only calm your loved ones during stressful situations; it also reactivates the parts of the brain responsible for memory development, decision-making, and emotional growth. This is why music often reminds you of long-forgotten memories.

  • Taking a walk

    Research suggests that walking induces the production of endorphins, which is good for your loved one’s mental health. And to make it even better, walks can improve physical health and endurance and reduce joint and muscle pain.

  • Painting

    Creative arts, most especially painting, helps in reducing agitation and stress. Also, this activity can create a sense of comfort, purpose, and establishment for your loved one.

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